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The Incorporated Society offers valuable Foundation Scholarships to boys and girls tenable in the following schools:

Boarding Scholarships are worth €1,500 a year or the difference between the school fee and the grant allocated by the Secondary Education Committee to the holder of the scholarship, whichever is the less. Each scholarship is tenable for six years provided satisfactory progress is maintained by the student. Boarding scholarships will be subject to annual review should a Foundation School rejoin the Free Education Scheme.

Day scholarships are worth €500 a year and are tenable for six years. Day scholarships will be subject to annual review should a Foundation School rejoin the Free Education Scheme. In the cases of day pupils intending to attend a particular school which has rejoined the Free Education Scheme, parents will be required to undergo a confidential means test administered by The Society.

It is a condition precedent that recipients of Scholarship Awards receive a grant from the Secondary Education Committee.

Candidates will be required to take an examination, which will be held on Thursday 9th March 2017.

Every candidate seeking permission to compete for a Foundation Scholarship must be qualified as follows:

(a) He or she shall be a member of the Church of Ireland and shall be the child of parents one or both of whom shall be, or if deceased, shall have been a member of the said Church.

(b) He or she shall have reached the age of 11 years and shall not have reached the age of 13 years before January 1st preceding the examination and provided the candidate has not already entered the Secondary Education System.

(c) He or she shall be in such circumstances as would indicate the need of the assistance to be obtained by means of the scholarship.

(d) He or she shall be of good character and fitted to take full advantage of the education to be obtained by means of the scholarship.

(e) He or she shall be recommended by a Governor of the Society or by the Clergyman of the Parish in which he or she resides.

(f) During the twelve months next preceding the examination he or she shall have been in regular attendance as a pupil at a primary school or at such school as the Governors may approve.

Scholarships will be subject to annual review and recipients must be in receipt of a grant from The Secondary Education Committee.

Application forms for permission to sit the examination may be obtained from the schools or this office and must be returned by 31st January fully completed and accompanied by the entrance fee of €25.00. Candidates admitted to the examination will be notified from this office and will be informed of the place and hour of the examination.


Under the terms of the Hibernian Marine Society Endowment the Governors of the Incorporated Society may award scholarships to the children of Protestant seamen or fishermen desirous of preparing for a life at sea. The Scholarships will entitle the holders to a grant in any of the Society’s schools or any other suitable school.

Candidates for these scholarships are subject to a means test and are required to sit the Incorporated Society’s Scholarship examination. Scholarships will be awarded provided sufficient merit is shown.

  • EXAMINATION DATE: 9th March 2017
  • LAST DATE FOR APPLICATION: 31st January 2017


Derek Vaughan,
The Incorporated Society,
74 Upper Leeson Street,
Dublin 4.

Telephone: (01) 6678030


Foundation Schools Scholarship Examination:

Candidates for Foundation Scholarships will be examined in English, Irish, Mathematics and Religious Education.

MARKS: 100 marks are allocated to each paper

ENGLISH: 1hour – The aim of the paper will be to test the candidate’s power of composition and expression and their knowledge of easy grammatical forms. There will also be a question on a book which will be reviewed by the candidate. He/she may choose one book from the following:-

Reaching the Heights (Peter Gunning),
Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Jeff Kinney), 
Under the Hawthorn Tree (Marita Conlon-McKenna),
any one in the series

IRISH: 1 hour – The aim of the paper will be to test the candidate’s power of comprehension and expression in simple Irish. They must show themselves familiar with the past, present, and future tenses of verbs, the common idiomatic uses of the prepositional pronoun, the use of the verbal noun and the simple uses of adjectives and nouns.

MATHEMATICS: 1 hour – The paper will include simple problems to test the candidate’s understanding of the programme for the sixth standard in primary schools.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: - 1 hour – The examination will be based on the Primary School Curriculum FIT FOR LIFE (2008). From this, three sections have been selected:

  • Term 1 Lesson 6 - Water brings life
  • Term 1 Lesson 7 - God knows how you feel
  • Term 2 Lesson 3 - Jesus healed

Candidates will be examined on material from the pupil’s text book.

Multi-part questions will be set on each topic which candidates are required to answer.